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                                                                                                      The next time that you have a party won't it be nice to have people calling you and telling you how great the food and service was?  In the Seattle catering  industry, no company has received more positive feedback on its catered events than  ARISTA Catering.  We are different from most Seattle caterers.  We believe in using fresh ingredients from local farmers, ranchers and fishermen.  Washington state offers so many home grown delicacies that it's a shame that other Seattle caterers use frozen products or items that come from half way around the world.  You live in Seattle and your caterer should offer you the regions best. 
ARISTA Catering is a full-service Seattle company specializing in sustainable culinary creations from premium local fishermen, farmers, ranchers and suppliers.  Our exceptional service and delicious cuisine will make your event a memorable one. Our Seattle event planners will tailor an affordable catering menu to suit your needs. Whether your event calls for a cocktail reception for 50 or plated wedding catering for 1,000, our team will deliver delicious food within your catering budget.
Catering Services
No matter what kind of catered event you're hosting, you need a menu
 that combines haute cuisine within your catering budget.  We will happily host you for a private tasting in our Seattle tasting room so that you can meet our chef, taste our food and plan your event.  To find out how much your event will cost, request a catering quote.  To schedule a tasting, call (888)98-CATER .
Our chefs have received great feedback in their work with not only Seattle and Northwest cuisine, but also for their fine execution of Asian food, Mexican food, Pho or Vietnamese food, and Indian food.  They love every cuisine and style and look forward to the challenges that each event presents. 
ARISTA Catering's talented staff is experienced and adept in every type of event and cuisine. Our Seattle area clientele includes individuals,  corporations, airlines, and professional sports teams. More importantly, our wedding catering clients include brides, grooms, families and parents of brides and grooms.  Our catering team includes professionally trained chefs, experienced service staff, and on-site event planners in the following categories:
We provide Catering For: 
- Wedding Banquets 
- Corporate Parties 
- Business Lunches 
- Holiday Parties 
- Memorial Service catering 
- Graduation Parties 
- Family Reunions 
- Highschool Reunions
- Launch Parties 
- Religious Functions 
- Special Events
- Wedding reception
- Asian food catering
- Catering Seattle
- Mexican food
- Indian food catering
-Vietnamese catering
Dressed professionally in black dress shirt, slacks and tie, our wait staff and bartenders expertly serve your guests and add a distinctive touch of class to the affair. Our chefs and culinary staff in starched whites complete the elegant, upscale look. You can also request the staff to dress in bistro or themed attire for your event.
At ARISTA Catering, our goal is always to meet and exceed your expectations.  You will be impressed with how much we can do for you even if you have a limited catering budget.  Lets face it, everyone has the constraint of limited budgets.  If you can let us know what you would like to spend, we can tailor a menu to reach your budgetary goals.   We also offer specials each month with our catering newsletter.  By paying attention to our specials and letting us know your catering budget, we can make your Seattle catering run smoothly and save you money.

While we are best known as a Seattle caterer, we have done some beautiful events in venues from Everett to Tacoma.  For holiday catering, contact our event planners early to plan your Seattle area event. You can schedule a tasting at (888)98-CATER.
You can also call us with questions or to request a quote. We have a full time party and event planner on staff as well as an entire team of wedding planners experienced in many different catering Seattle venues. We would also be pleased to visit your event site to arrange a layout. It is our pleasure to make the party planning easy for you.
*When it comes to wedding caterers Seattle trusts ARISTA Catering above all of the others.   Arista Catering also offers a full line of box lunches for delivery anywhere within 25 miles of the Queen Anne hill. We reserve the right to change this price any time up until we accept a deposit. Arista Catering bases its prices on Catering Seattle companies. Once you reach an agreement with our event planner and we accept a catering deposit, we will not change the price. We are a Seattle Caterer and we service the greater King County, Snohomish County and Tacoma/Pierce County area. This price will change for a catered events outside this Seattle area. Tacoma Catering is considered to be part of the Seattle area. Special delivery rates apply for Holiday Catering and at event venues that charge a premium for outside caterers. Express service is not available for wedding catering. Wedding catering Seattle menus featuring Seattle Indian food, Mexican food, Vietnamese food, specialty Asian food are available through website menus or custom menus. Seattle Catering prices for wedding menus may differ based on specialty requests. We are located at 1920 Dexter Ave N.; Seattle, WA 98109. Box lunch catering is also available via an order online site which your box lunch catering representative can show you. The box lunch menu can be breakfast or lunch. Box lunches can also be for salad, wrap or traditional sandwiches (caterers Seattle)